Finalists of the Climates Solutions Prize

Finalists of the Climates Solutions Prize, awarding over $2 million to researchers and startups with solutions to climate change, are revealed by JNF Canada, St

October 20, 2022, Tel Aviv: In a push to encourage the development of made-in-Israel solutions to combat climate change and position the country as a global hub for Climate Tech innovation, JNF-Canada together with KKL-JNF, and Start-Up Nation Central, launched the Climate Solutions Prize. In the prize, JNF-Canada and KKL-JNF are leading the Breakthrough Research Track and Start-Up Nation Central is leading the Startup Track, in collaboration with leading multinationals.

Overall, the Climate Solutions Prize will award Israeli researchers and startups with more than $2 million in incentives to develop and bring their solutions to market. It is the most comprehensive initiative of its sort in Israel’s history and aims to put the country firmly on the climate space global map. The winners will be announced at the Climate Solutions Festival as an impactful finish to the prize review process which will take place on October 26, 2022 at Hulda Forest – a large-scale global summit with a unique Climate Solutions Village where startups solutions will be showcased.

The Climate Solutions Prize’s Startup track awards the best and brightest Climate Tech startups throughout Israel with access to investment, prizes, and exposure. Over 300 innovative solutions from Israeli startups and researchers applied. The prize comprises two tracks and 5 additional challenges. 35 finalists have been selected for all tracks and winners will be announced on the 26th of October:

  • A distinguished Jury will select the winner/winners among five candidates who reached the final research stage:
    • Yitzhak Mizrahi, Ben Gurion university, Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change by rational design of ruminants’ microbiome.
    • Lior Elbaz, Bar Ilan university, Sustainable Energy Storage and Production with Direct LHC Fuel Cells.
    • Avner Rotshild, Technion, Decoupled water electrolysis for green hydrogen production at scale.
    • Malachi Noked, Bar Ilan university, Development of Sodium Ion batteries.
    • Ori Lahav, Technion, Energy production and GHG reduction in WWTPs – removing the ammonia barrier.
  • The Investment Track by Capital Nature – looking for early-stage startups in sustainable energy, sustainable mobility, green construction-tech and circularity the finalists are Clearly, Copprint and
  • In the Temasek Foundation Livability Innovations Challenge – promoting sustainable living in southeast Asia the finalists are: Gaia Bio, Marine Edge and   Solutum.
  • In the Kornit Sustainable Fashion Tech Revolutionary Challenge – promoting sustainability in the textile industry the finalists are: HEXA, Styletech, Boyo and Biotic.
  • In the Merck Greener Materials Challenge – looking for green chemistry, sustainable materials, , energy & wastewater and supply chain efficiency solution the finalists are: Smart Resilin,  Gaia Bio and optiQGain.
  • In the SolarEdge EnergyTech Challenge – looking for renewable energy systems, home and EV energy management, and next generation storage solutions the finalists are:Synvertec, Kenotomi and Red Solar Flower.
  • In The ESIL Early Stage Rising Stars Challenge – pitching live at the Climate Solutions Festival: Biotic , Nam Technology, CelluFlux, SolOr and Vigdu.
  • In the ESIL Challenge for Pivoting and Spinnoffing Companies into Climate Tech – pitching live at the Climate Solutions Festival: NanoScent , Polymertal , Seevix and Helios.

Israel is currently home to more than 700 technology companies that are already developing solutions for addressing climate challenges, including sustainable food systems, circular economy, clean energy, efficiency and storage, sustainable mobility, sustainable manufacturing, nature protection, and many more.

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