The Winner of the Henry Ford Health and Start-up Nation Central’s Nursing Care Efficiencies Challenge: EyeKnow

The challenge offered the Israeli innovation ecosystem the opportunity to present solutions fostering an environment that allows nurses to provide safe care eff

Tel Aviv, December 8, 2022:  EyeKnow was announced as the winner of the Nursing Care Efficiencies Challenge and awarded $75,000 to work with Detroit, Michigan-based Henry Ford Health to further develop their solution and enter the US market. This challenge, led jointly by Start-Up Nation Central and Henry Ford Health Innovations, considered early-stage Israeli startups focused on integrating with the US healthcare system with solutions for creating an environment assisting nurses in providing safe and efficient care. In addition to the prize, EyeKnow will benefit from consultation, mentorship, and support in scaling their offerings.

EyeKnow was selected by a steering committee led by health industry experts from among more than 40 Israeli innovation solutions and awarded $75,000 (in-kind) to create a pilot with Henry Ford Health to further develop their solution and enter the US market. Finalists in the challenge were selected based on several requirements, including the ability to integrate with the American healthcare system and the potential benefit to nursing workflows, either clinically or operationally.

Founded in 2020, EyeKnow automatically detects positive and negative caregiver-to-toddler behavior in kindergartens by processing video feeds from off-the-shelf CCTV cameras using AI and computer-vision algorithms. Meaningful events are recorded and shared with kindergarten owners, law enforcement agencies, and government stakeholders, which results in a dramatic decrease in abuse incidents and a significant increase in caring quality.

Emma Vardimon, Director of Global Partnerships at Start-Up Nation Central: “Combining Israeli innovation with the business needs of a healthcare provider like Henry Ford Health creates opportunities for all parties. Start-Up Nation Central works with US health organizations facilitating collaboration with the local ecosystem and generating POCs, pilots, joint ventures, and investment. We are happy to partner with Henry Ford Health and foster a more robust innovation journey.”

Donna Summers, Chief Nursing Information Officer at Henry Ford Health, state:We feel privileged to be able to work with Start Up Nation Central and these amazing tech companies. It is clear that they understood today’s nursing challenges and have been amazing collaborators to find innovative solutions. We are so excited to engage in a pilot with EyeKnow AI and to add more innovation to HFH’s ability to prevent workplace violence against healthcare workers.”

Lisa Prasad, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Henry Ford Health: “Startup Nation Central has been a vital partner to Henry Ford Health’s program in Israel. We are delighted to have completed another successful Challenge with them, resulting in not just one incredible winner, but also runner-up startups that we hope to partner with.”

The following companies were announced by judges as finalists in the challenge:

TalkSense has developed a solution designed to increase productivity by enabling employees to replace the time-consuming process of manual reporting with simply talking to the TalkSense app. TalkSense supports a variety of platforms, languages, and use cases and is compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

QLog has focused on driving digital transformation in healthcare by creating process and resource visibility, automation, and insights. QLog’s technology enables every mobile device and computer to be a part of the IoT data-collection grid and provide real-time visibility.

Droxi (founded at 2021) offers an AI-based optimization tool designed to help primary-care physicians save half the time normally spent on non-patient-facing tasks while also improving quality of care. Droxi identifies and visualizes the most relevant clinical factors for each task so that physicians can cross them off their lists quickly instead of having to go through scores of different tabs and thousands of fields for each medical record.

CureTelligence Founded earlier this year, CureTelligence is the developer of DoseBot, a robotic platform aiming to revolutionize the field of medication safety. The platform’s hardware and software are designed to prevent medication errors using highly accurate multispectral tools and AI algorithms that can identify pills and control the process of multiple dispensing.

About Start-Up Nation Central: Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization that connects Israeli innovation to the world in order to help international entities solve global challenges. Immersed in the Israeli technology ecosystem, we provide a platform that nurtures business growth, recommends policies, and generates partnerships with corporations, governments, investors, and NGOs to strengthen Israel’s economy and society.

About Henry Ford Health: Henry Ford Health provides a full continuum of services – from primary and preventative care, to complex and specialty care, health insurance, a full suite of home health offerings, virtual care, pharmacy, eye care and other healthcare retail. It is one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers, recognized for clinical excellence in cancer care, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics and sports medicine, and multi-organ transplants.

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